Our feet are responsible for all the support and stability of our body. Over the years, this stability changes, due to postural misalignment caused by poor posture, injuries, contractures, tendinitis, knee pain, etc. The lack of balance is due to this fact! And how to fix it?

Let’s find out… the solution involves the use of insoles, each one suited to the user’s needs. It is important to analyze the footfall as the cause of the problem could be there, provide support and cushioning to the foot through a good insole, we recommend those from Sofsole® and the Spenco® brand (premium), and the use of good sneakers. With this “cocktail” it will be possible to alleviate all pain, correct bad postures, improve balance and improve plantar comfort.

Discover the various Sofsole® and Spenco® (premium) ranges available in the various sports and fashion chains in Portugal and Spain.

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